Peach Peacock- Origin & Taxonomy 

Peach Peacock

The peach peacock is known for its splendid appearance. Normally peacocks are related to colorful magnificent appearance. But this peach peacock stands out in a group of blue and green black peacocks because of its different and unique color. This peacock came into existence under color mutation. Its magnificent aura is in its distinctive color, ranging from orange-brown to off-white color.  These peach peacocks are very rare and unique in their species of peacocks. In this article, we will learn about its origin and habitat.

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Taxonomy of Peach Peacock 

The scientific name of the peach peacock is Pavo cristatus which is called Genus Species in English. The name is given to it for finding its place in a large family of peacocks. Peafowls or peacocks belong to the Phasianidae family. It is a group in which pheasants, quills, and other birds are included. In this family, the Pavo cristatus, or peach peacock stands out for its characteristics. 

A notable factor of the taxonomy of the peach peacock is that its roots are related to Indian peafowl species. We can say that the peach peacocks are a subspecies of Indian peafowl. While sharing the same species these peach peacocks have some unique and distinctive traits than others. These small differences between peacocks of the same species show us how interesting it is to learn about the classification of different kinds of birds. It helps us to understand the connection between peafowls and other birds of the same species. This scientific classification of peacocks also allows us to know about the biodiversity of different kinds of peacocks. 

Origin of Peach Peacock

Although the peacock is native to the Indian continent. They have been seen in India and South Asia for thousands of years. But when we talk about peach peacocks specifically, we come to know that the roots are not linked to India but belong to the USA. So, 1991 was the year when for the first time peach peacocks were seen. This miracle happened when a baby female peafowl was born from a purple female peafowl. This completely different color peafowl appeared because of some genetic changes in Peafowls. This genetic change is called leucism. These genetic variations are the cause of color variation or some color loss in the feathers of peafowls.

Now you must be curious about what Leucism is and how it changes the color of feathers in birds. Leucism is a state in which some pigmentation is lost in feathers. This loss of color makes it pale or lightens the intense colors. So the brighter s and more vibrant colors of Peafowls change to a lighter shade of orange which is peach. The peach peacock has a mix of light orange, cream, and peach colors. It also has some white pigment in the plumage. This change of color makes it stand out from other usual blue and green color peacocks. 

Transferring Peach Peafowl to UK

Some breeders and bird enthusiasts noticed this rare and unique peafowl. These beautiful peafowls were attracted to them because of their different appearance and they decided to bring them to the UK. They knew that this color mutation was rare and couldn’t be ignored. So, in 2014 they imported a group of peach peafowls to the UK. There they grab the attention of breeders and bird lovers because of their imaginary color combination from brown to light peach.

This transportation of peach peacocks not only attracted the people but was also an important factor in starting breeding programs to conserve them. Now the breeders have aimed to stabilise the population of peach peafowls in the UK. The purpose of breeding programs is to preserve and spread these beautiful and special colored peafowls for the future and make their survival longer. 

Physical Appearance of Peach Peafowls

The most splendid physical feature of peach peafowls is in its appearance and that is its peach plumage. Its peach feathers are truly a marvel of nature. Because of its distinctive coloration, this peachy peafowl stands out among a group of colorful peafowls. Its color ranges from brown to different shades of peach. These elegant peachy long feathers give a sense of tranquillity. 

The majestic crown on the head of peach peacocks is a vibrant feature that enhances its overall appearance and makes it more attractive for viewers. This crown consists of a bunch of beautifully styled feathers. The purpose of these crown feathers is beyond their display of beauty, but these also help to show the mood of peacocks. During their mating season, this helps to attract their mating partner. These crown feathers are usually darker in shade than other peach-shade feathers of shoulders. The color is darker brown or reddish brown. This light and dark combination of colors makes these peach peacocks look even more attractive and elegant.

Another important aspect of their physical appearance is their size. The male peach peafowls are larger than the female peafowl. They also have long plumage or tails that are known as trains in the peacocks world. The female Peafowls or peahens have short train and are less in size as compared to male Peafowls. Their beautiful and vibrant plumage and size add a magnificent aura to their presence. This size and color make their presence more noticeable in their habitat.

Habitat of Peach Peacocks

Peacocks have been seen for hundreds of years in forests and green fields. Their favorite places are where they find comfort with a sense of security. They are more likely found in grassy lands, forests, and near waterfalls. This shows their versatility of choice to choose their place to live. They choose open spaces to show their fancy dance with open wings and trees and bushes to take some rest and lay eggs. They like waterfalls too to cool down their warm day by taking a sip out of it. 

Peafowls are not much choosy about their home but they do not like cold places. They are more likely to stay in moderate or warm spaces so they don’t have to shiver with coldness. This is one of the reasons to live in forests the weather is controlled there and there are some shady areas. In other words, they prefer the areas with a balance of temperature. 

If you are interested in visiting peacocks and enjoying their beautiful dance, you have to find out the places with their interests. They can be found in various countries of the world especially Asian countries where the climate is just perfect for them. So when you find the places where they live then keep your eyes open for their mating season. During this season they showcase their beautiful dance by spreading their wing all around to impress their female mating partner. 

Distribution Among Globe

Peach peacocks were first seen in the USA in 1991 then after a decade or more, a group of peach peacocks were brought to the UK. The purpose of this transfer was to breed more of these unique and rare peafowls. If you want to find them then it’s quite a challenging task because of its rarity. In North America, Florida, and Yulee have peafowl in peach color for breeding purposes. San Diego Zoo in California had also a few Peach-colored peafowls. Paradise Park of Cornwall in England also has a small group of peach peacocks. 

Originally peafowls were native to India, you can find them in the various states of India like Karnataka. They are also inherited in Southasia. But all these places have naturally colored peacocks in green and blue. Peach peacocks are available in Thailand and Singapore zoos. They have been imported because of their rare and elegant color. The breeders and wild lovers of different countries have been importing them for decades. So they are not available in natural forests or lands but in zoos, safari parks, and wildlife parks. If you get a chance to see them in one of the mentioned places you will feel lucky to have seen the diversity of nature. 

Social Attitude of Peach Peafowls

These unique and pretty color peach Peafowls have a very fascinating nature that makes them even more interesting. One of the most beautiful things about peach peacocks is their beautiful walk. They are strutting while walking. If anyone is fond of looking at them then they should visit them during their mating season. The special thing about this time is their beautiful dance. They came out to showcase their beautiful plumage in the air. When they dance with their feathers out and sunlight reflects at their wings they look like fairies of the sun on the earth. 

Peach peacocks try to attract their partners for mating with their magnificent sunny dance and make sounds like a song to add more allure to their dance. This act of showcasing their beautiful dance shows their loving nature. They create a mesmerized display for their beautiful peahens. These peahens choose them if they successfully impress them. 

Peach peacocks not only use their feathers for dance to attract their mate but to communicate as well. They convey certain messages or signals with their feathers. They also make voices for communication purposes. They are very social birds and like to stay around with their friends in groups.

Conservation Efforts for Future

The peach-colored peacocks are a rare color mutation and like any other rare breed, the challenge is to conserve them for the future. They are very limited in numbers and only available to just specific areas of different countries. So conservation efforts are necessary to save this kind of rare genetic diversity and to survive for the long term in nature. The breeders and wildlife organizations are establishing such programs for this purpose. They are doing some breeding practices to avoid any kind of issues relating to genetics because of its limited color variations. 

These organizations are also making efforts to make people aware of these rare peach-colored peacocks. These public education programs are a great help in supporting this conservation. Several birds have disappeared from our plant that was once here. So the concern of breeders for the preservation of this color variant is genuine. If proper steps are not taken on time then there is a threat of losing this beautiful and unique peacock from earth. 

Presence in Fairytales

As we know peach Peafowls are bred under the process of colour mutation of normal colorful Indian Peafowls. Their colors express the miracles of nature. Their appearance presents a completely dreamy scenery to the eyes. They have symbolized beauty, elegance, rarity, and uniqueness because of beautiful coloration. Their imaginative aura is the reason that people use them to fantasize about them in their stories. Their stunning appearance and beauty are a reward for eyes who are seeking unique possibilities in the vast nature of this planet.

This era is of cinematography and nature lovers or art lovers are always searching for some unique elements to add to their work. Because of the unusual presence of Peach peacocks, people are using them in cinematography to give an imaginative fairytale look. You can see amazing shots of Peach peacocks widely available on the internet. They are a pure treat to imaginary eyes to see such an unusual and beautiful creature. 

Pros and Cons of Peach Peacocks 


  • Peach peacocks are rare and loved for their unique coloration.
  • They live in open and grassy spaces so they can march freely on the ground.
  • They are a treat to the eyes of those who love seeing rare species.
  • They are beautiful and emit positive energy around themselves. 
  • They are the sign of rarity, beauty, transformation, and royalty. 


  • They are bred under specific genetic color mutation. 
  • They are less in numbers and their threat of disappearance is high. 
  • They need to maintain with care to prolong their lives. 
  • They can live typically for about 20 years. 


The scientific name of Peach Peacock is Pavo cristatus. It is a Genus Species in English. 

Leucism is a state in which plumage loses some of its color pigment during genetic mutation. Peach peacock is an example of leucism. 

Peach peacock was seen for the first time in 1991 in the USA. A chick was hatched from a purple female Peafowl under genetic color mutation. 

The breeders and wildlife organizations are working to build such programs in which they breed more peach peacocks and preserve them for a long time. They are also making efforts to make the public aware of this unique and rare breed of peacocks. 

Peach peacocks can live from about 15 to 20 years. This life span can vary with better care and health. 


Peach peacocks are the most beautiful and unique among other colored Peafowls of the same species. They were bred under genetic color mutation which is called leucism, for the first time in the USA. Then they were imported to other countries of the world because of their unique appearance. They are known for their beautiful peach coloration. This coloration makes it different from other colorful peacocks. Different wildlife organizations are working worldwide to save this rare breed of peacocks. They are taking steps to conserve them and making efforts to aware people of these peach-colored Peafowls. 

Peach Peafowls are very social birds, they love to stay around their group members. During their courtship, they spread their plumage and dance to attract their mating female partners. Female Peafowls choose one of the Peacocks to whom she likes. This act proved that they are very lovely. It is rumored that some people illegally traded their peach feathers. The feathers of peacocks are used to represent luck and create beauty in decorating the houses. It is the need of time to take care of this beautiful but rare breed to ensure its long-lasting future with us on earth. 

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