Pink Peafowl Peacock, myth or reality

Pink Peafowl

Pink peacock is a topic that is surrounded by controversies. There are several questions about their existence in this world. Like do they exist or it’s just a myth? If they exist then where we can find them? And if they do not exist then what are those hundreds of images on the internet of vibrant pink peafowls? Well in this article we’ll try to solve this puzzle for you on base of our research and facts. 

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Origin of Pink Peafowls Fantasy

As we know peafowls are the most colorful creatures of God. Their colors range from blue, bronze, green, and turquoise. Other than blue or green color peacocks we have also discovered peacocks in some rare and odd colors like white, black, and peach. Now curiosity plays a part in the imagination of mankind and we see pink peacocks in movies and shots on the internet. The vibrant pink color on heads and plumage is the reason for their popularity. Their allure in pink wings is undeniable. Here bird lovers get excited to find out about pink peacocks in reality. 

The images and shots we see on the internet intrigue a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm to see them in real life. They look most vibrant, and colorful in reality. Their heavenly pink color enhances their beautiful appearance. Pink peacocks no less than look like a fairy with pink wings. Their charming appearance gives a vibe of a fairytale.

Their unavoidable popularity and intriguing aura are the reason for a deep desire to see them and have them. All those images and stories on the internet are claiming the existence of these rosy birds. But when we delve into the reality of these we sense skepticism and a different narrative appears here. 

Scientific Basis of Coloration in Peacocks

Peacocks or peafowls are available in different shades rather than blues or greens. The blue and green colors are very basic and natural colors in peacocks but they can be seen in white, black, brown, and peach colors too. This different and rare color in peacocks is a miracle of science. These different colored peacocks came into existence under the process of leucism. Leucism is the process of genetic color mutation in birds which causes some drop of pigmentation in plumage. It can result in partial or complete loss of pigment in birds. This loss of pigments results in the creation of lighter shades of colors like peach and a complete loss of pigment like white. Those white and peach peacocks are renowned examples of leucism or color mutation. 

So, this process of leucism provides possibilities of color mutation for the creation of pink peafowls. It’s all about genetic diversity by science. But science has its limitations after all. There is no such competition between science and nature. Genetic engineers are always trying to create variation in birds or animals. The job of genetic engineers is very complex and controversial. They have to be very careful about the consequences of these experiments and be ethical circle while playing with the genes of birds or animals.

Credibility of Pink Peafowl Phenomenon

Some people say they have seen pink peafowls, they tell stories about their beauty. There are so many pictures scrolling on the internet about pink peafowls. But after these facts, experts are still in doubt about the credibility of images and videos of pink peacocks. 

There is doubt that the images we see are edited by Photoshop editing tools or AI tools. These kinds of tools are widely available online. People use these tools to level up their creativity and imagination. AI tools are now turning imagination into reality in the form of pictures. So, all the available images of pink peafowls spread misinformation because people started believing in their existence.
Another fact is that people artificially color white peacocks to give them a pinkish look. The reason for coloring is that they look charming and attractive in funky colors. So when some people claim that they have seen a pink peacock they are not lying. They have seen pink peacocks but they are artificially colored. 

So, we should not straightly accept what we see in this digital era. It might be difficult to judge that the things we are seeing are real or just changed by someone.

Pink peafowl- a myth or reality?

It is admitted that leucitic peafowls exist in different colors but existence of them is pink color is more like a fantasy. So, Pink peafowls are a myth, they have no link with real existence. Under the discussion of all the above-mentioned points, it is clear that pink peafowl does not exist in reality. If somebody claims to see them and shows proof of their existence then they are also not wrong. The thing is that pink peafowl fantasy is so popular among people that they try to give real meaning to that imagination.

The breeders use chemicals and beetroot to color the feathers pink. There are so many chemicals of different brands available to color the hair in pink. Breeders use these chemicals to color the feathers of peacocks. But this process of coloring with chemicals is dangerous. It might be harmful to the health of peacocks. 

Another way of coloring is the use of beetroot. The juice of beetroot is taken out and used for coloration on the feathers of white peacocks. This method of coloring is safer than chemicals. So, pink peafowls are not naturally pink in color. The reason for this coloration is simple. People love to play with colors and peacocks look very funky and delicate in pink color. Imagine a pink peacock spearing its feathers in the air. It looks like a fairy of pink color is dancing on the ground. 

The reason for misconception about Pink Peacocks

We are living in the digital era. Where there are so many benefits of the advancement of digital tools, there are some problems arise too. In the case of pink peafowls, digital manipulation plays a prominent part. There are thousands of pictures available on social media of pink peafowls. While they are not existing in the real world, people get manipulated and misguided about their presence. 

The elegant and attractive pictures of pink peafowls are created by using editing skills by digital nomads. They pick a picture of a normal colorful peacock and then edit it according to their creative imagination. Now AI tools have introduced another world of creativity. You just have to put your imaginative thoughts as a prompt to them and they create several remarkable images or videos in front of you that you get amazed. All this happens in just a few seconds. With the development of such AI tools or editing tools, individuals get manipulated easily. They cannot differentiate between the real and fake ones and start believing what they are seeing with their eyes.

In several countries, people have strong beliefs concerning peacocks. The idea of truly pink peacocks relates to luck and mystery and tends to make people believe even more in unreal things. So the pink peacock phenomenon is a mix of excitement, computer tricks, and love for extraordinary stories in nature.

Pink Peafowl Appearance Possibilities

Science has developed a lot in this century. Genetic engineers are always in search of more tactics for experimentation. They already have modified many species. In peafowl species, they have modified peacocks in black and peach color. The possibility of completely pink peafowl is connected to the world of genetic differences. Normal peacocks have a green and blue color, but the chance of pink peafowl can be possible with leucism. Leucism can appear in many colors, including this pretty pink. Although it does not happen yet. But there are possibilities for the occurrence of pink peafowls in the future. The geneticists are trying to find out the genetic equation for the appearance of pink-colored peafowls. So, the hope to see pink-colored peafowls is possible to come true shortly. And enthusiastic would charm their eyes with the undeniable beauty of pink peacocks soon. 

Physical Appearance of Pink Peafowls

Peafowls are known for their enchanting beauty and elegance. They are attracted because of their colorful aura. As far as pink peacocks are concerned, they look different than regular shiny feathered peacocks. Their stunning color is the reason they stand out from other peacocks. This color ranges from light blush to brighter pink. Their transformed color creates a dreamy and captivating sight.
When we see images of pink peafowls we experience color variation and creativity. In some images, their body is of blue or green color while feathers are bright pink. And in some other images, we see a whole pink peacock from head to toe. The prominent eyeballs on the head give a sense of royalty. Their long pink train is the perfect definition of an elegant walk. Hence pink peafowls have no comparison in their charming beauty with any other bird. 

Pink peafowl in Fairytales

Peacocks were always been part of fairytales and stories. They are like magical symbols, bringing enchantment and wonder to the fantasy world. This pink peacock, whether it is soft pink or bright shocking pink, has an important role in stories. They represent love, luck, and extraordinary magical beauty. When we are talking about fantasy worlds then let me tell you that some people say that their feathers have some magical powers and it brings luck and abundance to those who find them. It is believed that these feathers are secret guardians as well.

The charm of pink peafowls is not just hidden in their presence but they also add some magical qualities to the characters and stories. In fascinating stories or fairytales, peacocks carry dreams to the sky and bless positive energies to those who believe in them.

Pink peafowls Pros and Cons


  • Pink peafowls are different in color and look magical in their appearance.
  • They are the reflection of a fantasy world and show the likelihood of people for such a dreamy creation. 
  • They represent delicacy, love, and luck with their presence. 
  • They are used in fairytales and stories to fanaticize the dreamy world.
  • The images and videos of pink peafowls show the creativity and high imagination of the people who create them. 


  • They are just a part of fantasy, no link with reality.
  • The images and videos of pink peacocks are the cause of misconception of their existence.
  • The pink peafowls in reality are artificially colored that mislead the people.


pink peafowls do not exist in the real world. They are just part of the imaginative world like manmade images or videos.

Yeah some people are indeed claiming to see pink peacocks. They might be right in their claim because the artificially colored pink peafowls exist here. The color is done by breeders using chemicals or beetroot juice.

Yes, genetic engineers are in search of such genetic equations to create pink-colored peafowl. They already have created some peacocks with genetic mutations. So,  we are hoping to see some of them soon. 

Leucism is the process used to modify the color of regular peacocks. With this process, plumage loses its partial or full pigmentation, which results in color modification.


Pink peafowls have very charming and delicate looks. They are different in color and look very special and rare. But the existence of pink peafowl is a mystery. It confuses people between reality and fantasy. Well, facts say that pink peafowls do not exist in the real world. The images we see on social media are edited by expert photographers or generated by AI tools. Those photos look real which leads to misguiding about their existence. Some other people have claimed that they have seen pink peacocks. They are right in their claim because some breeders have colored white peacocks pink with the use of chemicals and beetroot juice. So, Pink peacocks are not a part of reality.

Although pink peafowls do not exist still they are a big part of the fantasy world. They have been used in fairytales and stories. Their magical appearance is the reason for their high demand in stories. Some legends linked them with good luck and abundance. We are hoping to see them in real too with the upgradation of genetic sciences.  

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