Blue Maine Coons: Beauty and Personality

Blue Maine Coons

Blue Maine Coon cats are really beautiful and charming. Even though they are so attractive, many people might not have seen them before. But, surprisingly, these blue cats are not rare and you can find them quite easily. They are known and loved all over the world because they look so good and have a great personality. They act in a very royal way which makes it hard not to spend time with them. They are also very kind and friendly.

You can find these cats in different colors and patterns, including blue, at cat markets. The Blue Maine Coon can have different shades of blue and gray, but their main color is blue. Their fur is usually a mix of blue and gray colors. They are great pets for families because of their unique color and friendly nature. People often think Blue Maine Coons are the same as Gray Maine Coons because of their color.

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Identifying Blue Maine Coon Cats:

Blue Maine Coon cats come in many different patterns, but sometimes people get them mixed up with gray Maine Coons. Even though all the colors of this breed start with gray, the main color we focus on is blue. It’s important to learn about all their colors, patterns, and types. There are more than 70 different colors for Maine Coon cats, including blue, and the Cat Fanciers Association recognizes all these colors and patterns.

Blue Maine Coon cats have lots of different looks. Some examples are blue-tabby, blue smoke, and blue cream. If you’re thinking about getting a Blue Maine Coon, it’s a good idea to learn as much as you can so you can find a true blue one.

Here are some types of color patterns you can find in Blue Maine Coon cats:

  • Parti-color and bluish-white color Pattern
  • Solid Blue color Pattern
  • Shaded Blue and smoke Blue color Pattern
  • Tabby Blue color Pattern
  • Blue Bi-color Pattern

Each of these patterns has a unique look, making the Blue Maine Coon cats very special and varied.

Colors And Shades

  • Blue Tabby Maine Coon: This variety of the Maine Coon has a distinctive look. Around their lips and chin, they have a white trim, which sets them apart. When they are born, their eyes are blue, but as they grow, the eye color often changes to either copper or green. This change in eye color is quite common in many cat breeds.
  • Blue & White Maine Coon: In this pattern, the cat’s fur is a combination of blue and white. These cats have patches of both white and blue on their coats. A notable feature is the white marking on their face, contrasted with blue on other parts of their body. This pattern gives them a striking and unique appearance.
  • Blue & Silver Tabby Maine Coon: These cats are known for their whitish-blue markings on their chest, paws, and belly. The base color of their fur is silver, with dark blue markings overlaid. A distinct characteristic of this variety is the “M” mark on their forehead, which is a common trait in many tabby cats.
  • Blue Cream Maine Coon: The blue cream Maine Coon is particularly interesting. Their body’s base color is blue, but they have cream patches all over their body. This blend of blue and cream gives them a very soft and mellow look. The contrast between the blue and cream in their fur can vary from cat to cat, making each one unique.


Blue Maine Coon cats come in a wide range of colors. The Cat Fanciers Association recognizes up to 75 different colors in this breed, including various shades of blue. This variety makes them quite unique among cat breeds.

General Appearance: Like other Maine Coon cats, Blue Maine Coons are known for their large size and muscular bodies. They are one of the largest breeds of domestic cats.

Beautiful Blue Maine Coon Size:

  • Height: Maine Coon cats typically stand about 10 to 16 inches tall. This height is measured from the shoulders to the ground.
  • Body Weight: Their weight ranges from 8 to 18 pounds. This weight range is quite broad, showing the diversity in the breed.
  • Length: Male Maine Coons can grow quite long, up to 40 inches in length, including their tail. They can also weigh up to 18 pounds. This length is measured from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail.

Size Comparison Between Male and Female Blue Maine Coons:

Male Blue Cat:

  • Height: 10-16 inches (25.4-40.64 cm)
  • Weight: 8-18 pounds (3.63-8.16 kg)
  • Length: 35-40 inches (88.9-101.6 cm)

Female Blue Cat:

  • Height: 8-14 inches (20.32-35.56 cm)
  • Weight: 7-12 pounds (3.18-5.44 kg)
  • Length: 30-35 inches (76.2-88.9 cm)

Shape of Blue Maine Coon Cats:

  • Rectangular Body: These cats have a body shape that looks like a rectangle, which means they are longer in length compared to their height.
  • Strong Jawline: They have a really strong and noticeable jawline, making their face look quite sturdy.
  • Wide Chest: Blue Maine Coons have a broad chest, adding to their muscular appearance.
  • Robust Bone Structure: They are built with strong bones, giving them a solid and sturdy body.
  • Long Bushy Tail: A key feature is their fluffy, long tail, which is quite bushy and adds to their charm.
  • Square-Shaped Head: Their head is shaped like a square, which is a bit different from other cats and is a good way to recognize them.

Blue Maine Coon Eyes:

  • Large and Round: Their eyes are big and round, giving them a very expressive look.
  • Expressive Eyes: The eyes of these cats are so expressive that they can seem to show emotions, and it’s easy to get lost looking into them.
  • Award-Winning Eyes: Their eyes are so distinctive that they have helped these cats win awards in cat shows.

Eye Colors of Blue Maine Coons:

  • Variety in Colors: These cats can have different eye colors including golden, green, blue, and copper.
  • Change Over Time: They are born with blue eyes, but as they grow older, the eye color can change due to changes in pigmentation in their eyes.

Eye Issues in Blue Maine Coons:

  • Possible Eye Problems: When these cats go outside, they might face some eye issues. This includes myopia (which means they can’t see far things clearly), astigmatism (where their vision might be blurry because of the shape of their eye), and hyperopia (which means they have difficulty seeing things that are close).
  • Protective Measures: To protect their eyes, especially when outdoors, it’s recommended to use special cat-eye goggles. These goggles help prevent eye problems.


Personality Traits:

  • Gentle and Well-Tempered: Blue Maine Coons are known for being very gentle and calm. They are not aggressive towards their owners.
  • Affectionate in Families: When they live with a family, they show a lot of love and affection. They enjoy being part of family activities.
  • Loyal: These cats are very loyal. They form strong attachments to the place where they grow up and prefer to stay there.
  • Companion Cats: They like spending time with their owners and can feel sad if they don’t get enough attention. However, they are so loyal that they would never leave their home, even if they are alone sometimes.


  • Loves to Play: Blue Maine Coons are playful and always look for opportunities to play games with their owners, children, and other pets.
  • Great for Families: They are a good choice for a family pet because of their playful nature. They can be especially good with children, helping to take care of them and playing with them.


  • Extremely Friendly: These cats are among the friendliest you can find. They are great companions and will never let you feel bored.
  • Loving and Cuddly: They love to cuddle, especially when you’re tired or need some comfort.
  • Enjoyable Companions: Having a Blue Maine Coon means you have a furry friend who loves to play and spend time with you. They are great for people who enjoy having a playful and affectionate pet.

Training Environment:

  • Peaceful Setting: Training a Blue Maine Coon cat should be done in a calm and quiet place. This means choosing an area where there’s no loud noise or distractions. A peaceful environment helps the cat to focus and learn better.
  • Owner’s Responsibility: As an owner, it’s important to understand how to train cats. Before you start training your Blue Maine Coon, make sure you know the right way to teach them.

Positive Reinforcement:

  • Training with Rewards: This is a method where you give your cat rewards for doing well in training. For example, if your cat does something right, you might give it a treat or praise it.
  • Encouraging Good Behavior: Rewarding your cat right after it does something well helps it understand that good behavior gets positive results. This encourages the cat to keep participating in the training process.

Training Without Punishment:

  • Avoiding Punishment: It’s important not to punish your cat during training. Punishment can make the cat scared or aggressive towards you.
  • Understanding Cat Behavior: Blue Maine Coons are intelligent and easygoing. Training should be based on understanding and patience, not on punishment.

Setting Training Goals:

  • Planning and Goal-Setting: Before starting to train your cat, have a plan and set clear goals. This helps both you and your cat know what to expect from the training sessions.
  • Patience and Progress: Training takes time. You won’t see changes overnight, but with consistent training and patience, your cat will gradually learn and improve.

Price Based on Color and Pattern:

  • Range of Prices: Blue Maine Coon cats come in various colors and patterns, and their prices can vary because of this. Generally, they can cost between $600 to $2500. This range is quite wide, reflecting the diversity in their appearance.

Adoption as a Cheaper Option:

  • Adoption Costs: If buying a Blue Maine Coon is too expensive, adopting one can be a more affordable option. Through adoption organizations, you might find a Blue Maine Coon for about $200 to $500. This price is much lower than buying from breeders or pet stores.

Price of Blue Maine Coon Kittens:

  • Kittens Cost Less: Blue Maine Coon kittens tend to be less expensive than adult cats. The average price for a kitten is around $800 to $1300. Kittens are younger and will need training and grooming as they grow.

Price of Adult Blue Maine Coon:

  • Higher Price for Adults: If you’re looking for a well-groomed and trained cat, an adult Blue Maine Coon might be the choice. They are more expensive, costing about $1000 to $2000 on average. The higher price reflects that they are often already trained and groomed.

Other Types of Blue Maine Coons:

Various Prices for Different Types:

  • Adult Blue Cat: $1000 to $2000
  • Blue Kitten: $800 to $1300
  • Maine Coon Adoption: $400 to $600
  • Blue Mixed Maine Coon: $300 to $700

Buying Guide of Blue Maine Coon cat

Buying a Blue Maine Coon cat requires careful consideration and research. Here’s a detailed guide on how to go about it:

Choose a Registered Breeder:

  • Quality Assurance: When you’re looking to buy a Blue Maine Coon, it’s important to buy from a breeder who is registered. Registered breeders are more likely to provide high-quality, purebred Maine Coons.
  • Avoiding Mixed Breeds: By choosing a registered breeder, you reduce the risk of getting a mixed breed instead of a pure Blue Maine Coon.

Check for Paperwork:

  • Health and Legitimacy: Registered breeders should provide paperwork for the cat. This includes health records, pedigree information, and details about the cat’s lineage.
  • Genetic Health: The paperwork often assures that the cat doesn’t have any genetic defects. Registered breeders typically conduct health screenings and genetic testing on their breeding cats.

Avoid Unknown Breeders:

  • Risks of Non-Registered Breeders: Be cautious about buying from breeders who are not registered or well-known. Cats from such breeders may not be purebred, and there’s a higher risk of health and behavioral issues.

Ask Important Questions:

  • Health and Vaccination: Inquire about the cat’s health history, vaccination status, and any medical treatments it has received.
  • Parent’s Health History: Ask about the health of the cat’s parents, as this can give insights into potential future health issues.
  • Socialization and Training: Find out how the cat has been socialized and whether it has received any basic training.
  • Return Policy: Ask if the breeder has a return policy in case things don’t work out.

Visit the Breeder:

  • Observing Conditions: If possible, visit the breeder’s facility to see the conditions in which the cats are raised. This can give you an idea of the breeder’s practices and the cat’s behavior and health.
  • Meeting the Cat: It’s also a good idea to meet the Blue Maine Coon cat in person before making a decision.


Look for breeders who are registered with cat fancier associations, have good reviews, and are transparent about their breeding practices. They should provide health clearances for the kittens and their parents, and allow you to visit their facility to meet the kittens.

The price of a Blue Maine Coon can vary, usually ranging from $800 to $2500, depending on factors like pedigree, color, and age. Remember, adopting from a shelter can be a more affordable option.

Yes, Blue Maine Coons can sometimes be found for adoption at shelters or through rescue organizations. Adoption fees are generally lower than purchasing from a breeder, ranging from $200 to $500.

Ensure the breeder provides a health certificate. Important health checks include screenings for genetic conditions common in Maine Coons, such as hip dysplasia and heart conditions. Regular vaccinations and parasite control are also crucial.

Provide ample space for play and exercise, scratching posts, a comfortable bed, and access to windows for stimulation. Maine Coons are sociable, so plan for interactive playtime. Also, ensure you have the right grooming tools for their long fur.


If you’re considering bringing a Blue Maine Coon cat into your home, there are several important factors to keep in mind. First and foremost, it’s crucial to purchase from a registered and reputable breeder to ensure you get a healthy, purebred Blue Maine Coon. Be prepared for a range of costs, as these cats can be expensive, but remember that adopting from a shelter is a more budget-friendly option. Health checks and vaccinations are essential for the well-being of your new pet, so make sure these are in order before bringing your cat home. 

Preparing your home is also key; ensure you have ample space, toys, a comfortable bed, and grooming tools, as Blue Maine Coons are active and require regular grooming. Lastly, owning a Blue Maine Coon is a significant commitment. These cats are known for their friendly and loyal nature, but they require time, care, and attention. With the right preparation and mindset, a Blue Maine Coon can make a wonderful and fulfilling addition to your family


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